Tuesday, February 07, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I am a female.
2. I live in Iowa (United States)
3. I was conceived in the "summer of love" and born in the "year of peace"
4. I have a BA in Secondary Education/French
5. I am a Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer for an office equipment retailer
6. I lived in France for a year & studied at the Sorbonne
7. I was also a foreign exchange student in France for a summer. I lived in Savoie in the Alps. Skiing in the Alps ROCKS.
8. The picture on this page was taken in a photo-booth in Paris while an Algerian guy stood outside hitting on me. I was quite annoyed, but I like the pic.
9. I had a great Boston Terrier Dog named Pugsley who passed away in April, 2005. I miss my little wigglebutt very much. We got a new dog in July, 2005. Her name is Lexi and she's a malamute mix. She's a silly nut.
10. I have a wonderful Maine Coon cat named Leonardo (after Da Vinci, not Dicaprio or the freaking ninja turtle!), an albino corn snake named Boo and a northern gray tree frog named Turbo.
11. I play trumpet, piano and French Horn
12. I am a perfectionist.
13. My birthday is April 16 and I am an Aries with a Leo moon and Sagg. rising. Fire, fire and fire, baybee!
14. I have blue eyes.
15. My long, naturally curly hair is one of my best assets.
16. My favorite food is cheesecake.
17. I went to Central College. It cost waaaay too much.
18. I like chocolate way too much, but it has to be good chocolate with no nuts, nougat or caramel - just plain chocolate. White chocolate is my fave.
19. I have an herb garden and lots of perennial flowers.
20. My parents are absolutely wonderful and still married. They are conservative, born-again Christians who are retired and spend most of their time camping, volunteering for the Red Cross or helping build/fix churches and peoples homes through the NOMADS organization.
21. I have one older sister who is a full time soccer mom living in Colorado.
22. I have a wonderful son named Derrick who is the light of my life.
23. I am married to Chris and our marriage has been quite the roller-coaster ride. He is, however, a wonderful man and my best friend.
24. I love coffee and caffeine.
25. I wear size 11w shoes which are hard to find.
26. My feet grew a full size when I was pregnant, so now I have a bunch of shoes that don't fit. Anyone need some size 10s?
27. I loved being pregnant and had a very comfortable, happy pregnancy.
28. I am an animal lover and have had multitudes of cats, 3 dogs, a savannah monitor lizard, several snakes, a rabbit and many fish.
29. I drive a Chevy Lumina - I would rather be driving an Infinity X45 or a Lexus SC400 coupe.
30. I ran with scissors once, and YES, I fell down and stabbed myself in the leg.
31. I wear contact lenses and am legally blind without them.
32. I have a hiatal hernia that plagues me with constant heartburn if I don't take medication.
33. I have a hobby that involves making cool boxes with collages of pictures glued to them. I've recently branched out to making barettes and lighter cases in the same manner.
34. I think chicks who ride motorcycles are awesome - I want one badly.
35. I am a thespian and have been one since 9th grade.
36. I sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression.
37. I love celtic knotwork.
38. I have a very personal, individual spiritual belief that defies definition or labels. Although I relate closely to the earth religions, my beliefs do not exactly mirror those of any particular religion - they are my very own.
39. I detest people who are prejudiced and use it as a crutch to get their way.
40. I don't trust our government and fear for the future of our country.
41. I am a firm believer in "to each his/her own." If it makes you happy and isn't hurting anyone else, go for it.
42. I spend too much time blogging when I should be _________.
43. I like camping and hiking in the woods but hate sleeping in tents.
44. I have a very fair complexion and can get a sunburn in very little time. I am scared to death of skin cancer since losing a friend to it.
45. My favorite place to vacation is the Greek Islands
46. I am an experimental photographer and carry my camera with me at all times.
47. Mosquitos love me and would carry me away if they could. Their bites make me swell up like crazy.
48. I am not easily embarrassed or easily offended.
49. I used to do technical support for a wireless broadband internet service provider. It was hell, but I learned a lot.
50. I used to work as a clown balloon delivery person
51. I delivered Pizza for Dominos Pizza.
52. I worked in a delicatessen
53. I was a cashier at a Food Store
54. I was a customer care specialist for Gevalia Kaffe - a Swedish Gourmet Coffee Service
55. I used to be a trainer for customer service reps.
56. I spent several years as a youth detasseling and rogueing in the corn fields. I damn near died out there of heat stroke a couple of times.
57. I love experimenting with photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop
58. I love fetish and erotic photography but not porn. It's all about beauty, not shock value.
59. I adore Linkin Park - I think they are genuinely talented musicians and their lyrics are intelligent and meaningful.
60. I write my best lyrics, poetry & stories when I am depressed, tormented, mad or really horny.
61. I enjoy geocaching & have planted my own cache
62. I love snow and water skiing & have a great time throwing around a lot of snow or water.
63. I make bead jewelry & buying beads is borderline on an addiction
64. I have been on a low carb diet for months and have lost a lot of weight. I still have quite a bit to lose.
65. I am very low-maintenance. I can be ready to go anywhere in a flash and wear very little makeup.
66. I have traced my genealogy back to Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany
67. I am distantly related to George Burns and Bob Hope and I am a direct descendant of the Bard Robert Burns.
68. I love asparagus.
69. I love being barefoot and go barefoot as often as I can. Poo poo on shoes!
70. I adore stained glass and dream of learning to make it
71. My favorite TV shows are CSI and Lost. I watch the original CSI and CSI Miami, but have never been able to get into the NY one.
72. I am fascinated by ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal.
73. I love love LOVE thunderstorms and think tornados are fascinating. The power of nature inspires me.
74. My very first date with a boy was going to see the movie "Godzilla vs. Megallon" Mom & Dad dropped us off at the theater.
75. I love a good old adrenalin rush.
76. I held the title of National Video Game Champion (female) for 1984. It helped that I worked in an arcade & played them all the time.
77. I was co-editor of a campus underground newspaper in college.
78. My favorite color is cobalt blue
79. I was a DJ for a while on an AM radio station - we played the golden oldies. I got in trouble because I wouldn't play stuff I didn't like.
80. I took jazz dance lessons.
81. Sometimes I dream in French.
82. I LOVE rollercoasters (see #75 - LOL)
83. I am fascinated by tattoos though I do not have one of my own. I'm seriously considering getting a celtic cross or tree of life on my solar plexus.
84. I love corsets. My great grandmother was shot and saved by the steel stay in her corset, so if it weren't for corsets, I wouldn't be here.
85. I was a cheerleader my sophomore year in high school. I did it just to prove that I could and because I had a crush on a boy on the team. It sucked, but I got the boy. heh
86. I swam competitively on a team and won 2nd in state for backstroke. I always got stuck doing the butterfly, though, because I was the only team member who could do it well. I hated the butterfly.
87. I start each morning of with scrambled eggs and a red bull.
88. I enjoy target shooting and I am a very good shot. I prefer handguns to rifles or shotguns as I don't like the way they kick. I've never shot a living thing, though.
89. I've always dreamed of playing the role of Eva Peron in Evita & know most, if not all, of the songs by heart.
90. I am addicted to windows spider solitaire
91. I love playing Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. It's a great way to release pent up agression. Two words - tank rampage!
92. I think panty hose were invented by very evil men to serve as torture devices.
93. One of my all time favorite songs is "Magic Man" by Heart.
94. I adore side-shows and freaks. My fave so far, that I've seen, is the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. I wanted to jump in their van and go with them.
95. Zoos make me sad because it's like all of the animals are in prison and I can sense their misery.
96. My Hair has gone through many transformations. I was born blonde, I dyed black stripes in it, dyed it completely black, dyed it auburn, dyed it bright red, went back to blonde, at one point I had it long in the back, short and spiked on the top and completely shaved on the sides above and behind my ears. Yes, it was the bull-dyke mullet from hell.
97. My lucky number is 13.
98. I do not do pink. You will not catch me wearing anything pink except for maybe panties.
99. Speaking of pink, my pinky fingers are crooked - bent inward at the knuckle closest to the tip. It's genetic - my moms' and sisters' are the same way. So are my sons'.
100. I have met 21 bloggers since I started blogging and hope to meet more.